Update on Geoff

As many of you already know, Geoff (lyrics, vocals, guitars) had his third heart surgery about 4 years ago.  Unfortunately, he is now in pretty bad shape again.

So, things have been going quite slow for the past two months, as he’s been going in and out of doc offices and tests.  We’ve got some great tunes that are hanging in limbo, and some that are being worked on by Kindel, but things are going slowly as Geoff’s condition worsens.

We hope he gets back on his feet quickly and we get this train rolling again!

Please leave any words of encouragement for him here.  They would be greatly appreciated.

“If I can’t remember your name
And I can’t see your face
In darkness I feel
I can’t remember
I can’t describe this
This wholly lonely feeling
Don’t leave me alone
Don’t leave me alone”

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