The Raygun Girls

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“To help you envision the rise of a nation to fight the battles with ourselves, our past, politicians, the rich, the beings from another world. A must have!!”

Label: Savage Vibes

The Raygun Girls is the 5th full length album. It is an ode to the Apocalypse and a call to revolution.  The first single, “The Time is Now“, was released in December of 2012 along with a video.  Also contains the hit songs “I Refuse” and “Stand Up

This recording features the following:

  • Geoff- vocals, guitar, synth promgramming and drum programming
  • Peter Watkinson- solo guitar on “The Time is Now” and “Raise Your Voices”

Produced by: Geoff Saavedra

Recorded at Raygun Studios, NY

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