It’s February 2012, which means that we are, once again, participating in February Album Writing Month; which means a new album is on its way.

All day, every day, in February, you can find us at RPMChallenge.com or FAWM.org.

You can help us out as well!  We want to hear your thoughts on “revolution”.  That’s right “hear” your thoughts, and we might use your voice on the new album.

“Revolution” can mean many different things, and we want to hear what you think.  We suggest using Shoutomatic to send us a voice message.  You can sign up using your Twitter or Facebook account, then head over to our page – http://shoutomatic.com/theraygungirls -and record a shoutback using your phone or mic on your computer.

While we’re recording our new album, we’re also putting out stems for you to do a remix of “Rain” off of The Taker album.  Have fun with it!  We might just use your Remix on a remix album we’re working on.

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