R.I.P. Lemmy

In my early teens, I was a shoplifter.  Yup.  I shoplifted many tapes from Tower Records.

946I shoplifted to sustain my habit – my habit for new music.  One of the tapes that I stole was Motorhead’s Rock N Roll album.  I had already been a huge fan of the Ramones, and I liked Metallica, and I read interviews and they would all mention Lemmy.

That Rock N Roll album blew me away.  I almost wore it out.  Every single song on that album is a classic – “Eat the Rich”, “Traitor”, “Rock N Roll”, “Stone Deaf in the USA”.  Next I had to steal me Ace of Spades.

Lemmy’s voice excited me, it sounded like mine when I would try to sing.  I was big into thrash at the time, so I would hear vocalists like Mustaine, Halford, Dickinson, Blitz, Connelly.  All of their voices were high pitched, and no where near what I could do.

Motorhead songs were simple, catchy, rockin’.  This felt like Rock ‘n’ Roll to me.

At the High School talent show, I tried to get my group of friends to play “No Voices in the Sky”.  We ended up sticking with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.  Too bad.

When I started a band in college, I had long hair, and tried to hide my face, so I would sing straight into the microphone.  But, it was when I started The Raygun Girls, that I tried putting the mic stand up like Lemmy.  For me, though, at 6’8″, I need a boom mic stand.  And the sound was great.

Motorhead really was the crossroad of Punk and Rock and Metal.  And it still is.  Is every album a classic?  No.  Does every album have a lot of great songs on it?  I think so.

I never saw Lemmy live, and that’s a sin.  But, I never felt like I had to.  I really got that feeling of the energy through the albums (not to mention playing the “Everything Louder Than Everything Else” album that my friend got me really really loud!).

And now, Lemmy has moved on.

It’s sad, but he left some damn great music.  Music that I can still pull up when I need an energetic boost.  I will miss hearing new Motorhead music with Lemmy’s dirty bass sound, and his gravelly vocals, with the catchy lyrics.

I know that The Raygun Girls makes more of a Goth Hard Rock type of music, but I would like to believe that through my guitar tone, through my vocals, my Motorhead influence comes through.

Lemmy is God.
Long live Lemmy…

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