R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

Slayer's Jeff HannemanI didn’t get into Slayer until the Seasons in the Abyss album.  I can listen to the whole album and not skip a song.  I wanted to be able to play guitar that fast.

When it came to writing songs for the debut album, Mars Eclipsing, I was listening to “War Ensemble” on the way to the studio.  I walked in and said to Jamie (programmer, drums, synth, bass at the time), “I want to do something like this.”  The fastest I could go at the time was what became “Blackness” – our first Metal song during a time when we were mainly doing Goth/Industrial.

It is sad to hear about Jeff Hanneman’s passing.  He was part of a guitar duo that helped to define Death Metal, and pushed Metal in general – mixing the attitude and speed of Punk with the complexity of Metal.

Hanneman’s guitar could sometimes be seen to be sporting Dead Kennedys and Sex Pistols stickers.

I am not a Slayer fanatic, but I like their music, and I would call myself a fan.  There can be no denying that Slayer is legendary, and that Hanneman’s passing is felt throughout not only the Metal community, but the Music community as a whole.

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