Press Release – New Drummer Joins The Raygun Girls

New York, NY (October, 2008) – The Raygun Girls announces the addition of Doc MacNab as the first live drummer to play with the band.

doc_macnab_-_lo_resThe Raygun Girls is a NY Hard Rock band that has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Stabbing Westward, and Killing Joke. Up until now, the band has always programmed the drums and played to a computer on stage.

After signing a label deal with KillZone Records, and releasing the EP, “Fire Inside”, available on Itunes, The Raygun Girls immediately began working on new material for a full length album. The band quickly realized that to make the album as powerful as it truly needed to be, they had to have a live drummer.

For the album, The Raygun Girls were lucky enough to be working with Co-Producer Brian Herman at SMT Studios in NYC. He also added the powerful drumming that the band required for their forthcoming album, “Dirt Collector”.

As mixing on “Dirt Collector” began, The Raygun Girls also began to audition drummers. Doc MacNab caught the band’s attention with his ability to improvise over the samples and drum loops without overpowering the sound, as well as with his background.

Doc MacNab is a pop, rock and fusion drummer who has played around the world with artists like the US Department of Defense touring band, Broken Wings, as part of Haak-MacNab (with German-born Megatar virtuoso, Dino Haak), and has also supported noteworthy players in the industry like Artis the Spoonman, singer/songwriter Pat McGee, Chapman Stick and Mobius Megatar virtuoso Dino Haak, and singer Katy Cornell.

Under the moniker Nightwave, Doc spun Goth and Industrial dance hits in clubs from Chapel Hill, NC, to Washington, DC. He was also Program Director and General Manager at WVCW radio in Richmond, VA.

With a tasteful and mature approach to his playing, Doc lends a sonic base to The Raygun Girls that has long been missing.

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