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The Raygun Girls guitarist survives 3rd heart surgery as new album, DIRT COLLECTOR, hits Itunes

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New York, NY (June, 2009) – The Raygun Girls guitarist and main songwriter, Geoff, 34 years old, has third heart surgery as an emergency procedure.

The Raygun Girls is a female fronted NY Hard Rock band that has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Stabbing Westward, and Killing Joke. New album Dirt Collector has just been released on Itunes, and will be in stores soon through KillZone Records.

“Having your heart stopped three times, gives you a certain perspective on life,” says Geoff as he recuperates from his third heart surgery at the age of 34. In 1995 and 2000, Geoff had his heart stopped for surgery to replace his aortic valve. On May 26th, Geoff had his heart stopped a third time for emergency surgery performed inside of his heart and is currently recuperating at his home in Upstate, NY.

“Having your chest cracked open, definitely feels like a quiet sort of violence,” says Geoff, “the same as the pounding beats mixing with the sultry, sexy but powerful vocals in our music.” You can also hear it in the lyrics of songs like “Burning”, “Ones I Denied”, “Sleep” and many more.

Geoff is currently recuperating and anxiously awaiting his return with The Raygun Girls in support of their new album, DIRT COLLECTOR.

Dirt Collector is currently receiving rave reviews, and The Raygun Girls are eager to play on stage for their fans.

Songs from Dirt Collector can be heard on The Raygun Girls official website Dirt Collector is available on Itunes, and ringtones are available through Thumbplay.

More information about The Raygun Girls, as well as Geoff’s recuperation, can be found on

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