Pre-Order the 2013 Album Today!

The Raygun Girls 2012 CoverWe’ve finally finished everything for our new self-titled album!

The artwork, the music, the mixing – it’s all come together to create the perfect Soundtrack to the Future Revolution!  The official release date is 1/15/13, but you can order your copy today to be the first to get it.  Order the downloads, or a CD (and get the downloads for free)… take your pick.

11 tracks for only $7!
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Thanks to all who contributed – Jacinda Espinosa for some inspired lyrics, Peter Watkinson (of Abomnium) with his great guitar solos, and Paul F. Ferguson for the use of his lyrics.

Track listing:

1. The Time is Now
2. Rise
3. Speak the Disappointment
4. Look to the Skies
5. I Refuse
6. Believe
7. Raise Your Voices
8. Ghosts
9. Stand Up
10. The Coming
11. I Will Remain

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