Ones I Denied

“Ones I Denied” off of our 2009 album Dirt Collector.

“Ones I Denied” is one of the last songs that was worked on with Maya.

Jason brought the riff in and gave it to Geoff to turn into a song.  Geoff put it all together, with the chorus and the break down, adding the piano riff.  “I was actually trying to emulate our older song ‘Can’t Die Now’, but with a heavier riff,” says Geoff.

“The lyrics are sort of the opposite of the lyrics for ‘I Am’.  Whereas, ‘I Am’, is all about strength, ‘Ones I Denied’ is all about regret.

After performing it a few times with Maya on stage, Cila came in and polished it up for the Dirt Collector recording.

Lyrics: Geoff Saavedra
Music: Jason Donnelly and Geoff Saavedra

Bringer of Light
My angel eyes
Help me kill the fire inside
Your smile
Your eyes
The sun, the sky
Your life, your cries
The happiness inside

*These are the ones I Denied
At the edge of the world
My life I deny(2x)

The life that fills me
the love that hates me
the keeper of the bloodless torn up memories

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