New Site Design

We’ve done it yet again- we’ve remade the website.

We can’t help it. We get bored and look to make a change. We’re pretty happy with this one too, and we hope that you like it.

Let us know what you think – post a comment in our Guestbook!

If you navigate around the site, you’ll see that the pictures in the upper left change. Unfortunately, our computer that had a lot of picture files on it crashed, so we lost a ton of photos. If you have any please send ’em on over to us, so we can get more pics up here.

Also, we’re working on some stuff, and hope to be making an announcement sometime this week. Look for it.

We’re all excited about starting up again. It’s been far too long! We’re going to start practicing this month, and hope to set up a warm up gig for the end of September – we’ll keep you all posted!

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