New Single “Thoughts And Prayers”

Today #FreebieFriday just happens to coincide with #NewMusicFriday (actually it does every week, I know… just roll with me, okay?).

“Thoughts And Prayers” is the first single from the upcoming album Rising Dawn.  And you can download it for FREE today only!  So, get your butts in gear and grab yourself a copy!

This is the first song where I’m very overt about my politics.  I am a parent, and I believe in gun control.  It makes no sense to me that our government cannot spend money on studies into gun violence; it makes no sense to me that people think that more guns equals more protection (since independent studies have shown that actually having a bat in your house is safer than having a gun, if you’re talking about personal protection).

I know this is a topic that polarizes people, and so that means that I might lose some fans.  I’m okay with that.  Hopefully those who disagree with me will be able to listen to the music and enjoy that!

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