New Single “The Harm Anthem”

This February, during FAWM (February Album Writing Month), was as creative as most previous years. And, I was given the privilege of working with many different lyricists again.

During a search for some lyrics I could bite into, I found Petra Faulk’s “The Harm Anthem”.  A deep look into the inner struggle that so many go through in silence and alone.  I hope that I have done justice to the lyrics with my music.

“The Harm Anthem” will be released throughout the internet on Friday, March 31st.  That’s when you can download it from

She looks in the mirror
Can’t see past the scars
Tries to shut out the words
That feel like burns from cigars

Daisy’s on the floor
Her heads on the door
Holding on to her heart
She can’t take anymore

Daisy’s in chains
Daisy’s in chains
She’s at war with herself
And going down in flames…

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