“Never Again” is Almost Here!

I decided that I want to try and release a new song every month.  I have such a backlog of exciting music, that I think it’s possible (of course, this all depends on my health, possible work interruptions and life).

New MusicI have finally finished mixing “Never Again”, which is the first time that I have a guest MALE vocalist.  This song was written during 2015’s FAWM (February Album Writing Month).  Sync loved the music and asked to put vocals and lyrics on it.  I was hesitant but open what might be.

I was truly excited to hear what Sync did.  It was perfect and I would not have been able to write these words.  There is something very Faith No More in this song; I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I’m waiting for some artwork for the single, so I have nothing visual to post right now.  I will be debuting “Never Again” on my Hard Rock show on Thursday night (9 pm EDT).

Here’s a taste of the song –

[jwplayer mediaid=”9863″]

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