More palliDust Music Coming

February is FAWM – February Album Writing Month.  I, and thousands of other musicians, hunker down and try to write, record and produce 14 songs in the shortest month of the year.  The first year I participate, I wrote the album The Taker, the second year brought about the self titled album.  Last year, 2014, brought about a ton of great music that I have been editing and finalizing, while releasing singles, like “I Don’t Mind” with Kindel, and “Burning Love” featuring palliDust.

This year is no different.  I have a ton of great new music.  A few songs featuring palliDust, a new song with a different male singer.  I hope to have all of it together in a nice little package under the name of Ghost 15 by the end of this summer.  We shall see!

Thanks for the support, and keep spreading the word!

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