I’m Cursed

“I’m Cursed” off of our 2006 album The Ones I Denied.

“I’m Cursed” was originally written for the Heavy Metal band, Desvio, that George and Geoff were members of before The Raygun Girls.  George wrote the bass line and the lyrucs, off of which Geoff wrote the guitar part.  In Desvio, George sang the song.

Geoff loved the song so much, that when George joined The Raygun Girls, and Maya was brought in to sing, Geoff sat down to build the tracks.

“At that time, I was programming everything on Reason.  So, I did the whole drum part and figured out a way to make the drum fills,” says Geoff.

When recording the song for the album, Dan Neet and John Delehanty (producers), made some changes. When George’s vocal comes in, they layered Geoff and Maya’s vocals, and then, finding George’s lyric of the ashtray awkward, they reversed the vocal.  It sounds great on the recording, but poses an interesting challenge performing the song live.

Jason, solo guitarist at the time, had also recorded a solo for the song.  During the mixing process, the producers decided to take it out.  Jason would still play it live.

George doesn’t like playing “I’m Cursed” live, because it requires him to sing really loudly, and tires him out.

Lyrics: George Tsolekas

With You I live
And you hear me cry for you
See that it burns the truth
But you’ll never see the tears
Falling from the sky
I’m cursed with your love for me
And my terrible lies to you
Because I’ll never satisfy you

Now you see that I was never in love
Hold back my heart
Suffocate with me
Inside of you

Cool grass you know it never attacks
It’s like a heart attack
Feels like I’m licking from an ashtray

I see you crying
You feel me lie
And then
Truth collapses and turns me on
And bleeds me out

With you I live
And you hear me cry
For you
See that it burns the truth
But you’ll never see my tears

“I’m Cursed” is available for purchase at Music.raygungirls.com

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