I Am

We started a new feature on our Facebook/Twitter page – The Raygun Girls Song of the Day.

Yesterday’s song was “Angel Eyes” off of our album, Mars Eclipsing.  Starting today, we will be posting a small blurb about each Song of the Day.

Today’s song is “I Am” off of our 2006 album The Ones I Denied.

The lyrics were written by Geoff, as well as the music. The Ones I Denied was recorded with the help of the Clay People and had Maya on lead vocals, as well as Jason on lead guitar.

We have very little in terms of profanity in our lyrics. “I Am” is one of the only songs that has a profanity – “I am those that survived/this fucked up life/I keep inside/and I survive”.

It’s not a conscious choice to avoid curse words, it’s just that the lyrics don’t come out that way. But this song needed it.

“The main idea came from a poem that I wrote in college – ‘I am I and those that survived'” says Geoff.” The poem goes on, but the main idea is that I am all that I see is Evil and I am all the strength that I need to survive.”

“I Am”
I am the hate that lies within you
I am the speed with which you bleed

*I am those that survive
this fucked up life
I keep inside
and I survived

I am the spike that strikes right through you
I am the warning you don’t heed
I am the fight within each other
I am the life you keep down deep
I Am I…
And I survived
I Am I…
This fucked up life

(c) 2011 Savage Vibes

The Ones I Denied is available in our store – Music.raygungirls.com

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