Ghost 15


“I would highly recommend you go out and buy the Ghost 15 album” – Project Metal Music

Label: Savage Vibes

Ghost 15 is the 6th full length album.  It is a collection of singles released by The Raygun Girls between 2014 and 2016; ranging from Goth to Heavy Metal.

This recording features the following:

  • Geoff- vocals, guitar, synth promgramming and drum programming
  • Peter Watkinson: lead guitar “More Like You”
  • Kindel: Lead Vocals “I Don’t Mind” and “Haunt Me”
  • Ryako: Lead Vocals “Ashes” and “Burning Love”
  • Lizzy Neiman: Lead vocals “Betrayer”
  • Sync: lead vocals “Never Again”

Produced by: Geoff Saavedra
Recorded at Raygun Studios, NY


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