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geoffName: Geoff
Instrument: Guitar, vocals, programming synths and drum loops
Bands currently on your Ipod/CD player: NIN, Korn, Killing Joke, Scars on Broadway
Favorite TV show: Eureka, Leverage
Favorite movie: Blade Runner, Legend
Links to websites you are currently looking at: |
Influences: Ramones, Soundgarden, Fear Factory, Rammstein, NIN, Concrete Blonde, Monster Magnet, Psychedelic Furs, Killing Joke, Queen, Quicksand, Disturbed, Life of Agony, Lords of Acid

I started this band with my pal, Jamie Lendino. We recorded our first album, Mars Eclipsing together. I got my old freind George to play bass in the live version, and now here we are, 5 years later!

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