#FridayFreebie “I Will Remain” 8-14-15

This week’s freebie comes from 2013’s self titled album, The Raygun Girls.

The Raygun Girls“I Will Remain” was the last song written for the album, and it is one of the most personal.  I am a stay at home dad.  While I record, and do graphic work every once in a while, I also take care of my two kids.

It was very difficult for me to find my place and my role, when my first was born.  And I carry a lot of guilt over how I treated her when she was younger.

This album is a concept album about an invasion, so I started thinking, what would I say to my oldest daughter at the end of the world?

I will remain
I will not leave you
Because you can count on me
you can count on me
you can count on me

The download is available for free today only!  So, get your copy today!

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