#FridayFreebie for 6-19-15 – The Taker

This week’s Friday Freebie is the title track from the 2011 album, The Taker.The Taker Remixed/Remastered  I don’t publicize this album much.  Right after Dirt Collector was released in 2009 (also right after the label we were signed to folded), I was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery on my heart.

This was my third heart surgery.  After the surgery, I began to recuperate.  Then at the end of 2010, I was in a severe depression and I realized that I hadn’t picked up my guitar in almost two years.  For the surgery, I was cut through my right side, under my arm and in between my ribs.  My strumming arm was out of practice.

The Taker album is a slew of ideas that had been brewing in the back of my mind for two years.  I was also getting used to being the lead vocalist again, and I was not confident in anything I was doing.  I was also learning how to record on my own.

I think many of the songs on this album are well written, but the recording sometimes irks me, so it’s difficult for me to promote this album.  However, I put the call out on Twitter for suggestions, and this song came up.

So, download your free copy of “The Taker” today only!

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