#FridayFreebie for 5-8-15

Today’s #FridayFreebie is 2013’s “I Refuse”!

This was written in 2012, when immigration issues started to come up, and the Dream Act was first conceived.  At the same time, women’s rights were being attacked left and right by idiotic MEN (most of them anyway).

The Raygun Girls 2013 CoverThe whole self titled album was fueled by these issues.

And today, I am feeling that same rage, as conspiracy theorists (my mother being one of them) seem to be thinking along the same lines as Tea Partiers… and supposed Christians are attacking those with less than them, instead of just loving and not judging, and the rich are getting richer, and the middle class has disappeared… ugh….

So, here it is, and blast it loud!

“You say it’s time to pay my dues
And I refuse
You say I owe you all
And I refuse!”

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