#FridayFreebie for 3-25-16

It’s Good Friday…. whoopdidoo.

Seriously though-  You’ve got North Carolina making it legal for businesses to discriminate against race, religion, or even veterans!  And, you’ve got Georgia that also passed a “right to discriminate” bill last week.  And then you’ve got presidential candidates talking about kicking out a whole religion from this country, and ending free speech, building a wall…

This reminds me of how I felt back in 2012 when I was recording the self titled album, The Raygun Girls.  I’ve spent the past two weeks remixing the songs to sound bigger and have the punch I imagined. From that album came the revolutionary anthem “Stand Up”, and this beauty- “Raise Your Voices”.

Thanks to Jacinda Espinosa for the amazing lyrics.

“The system works! It works for you and you and you and you,
But not for me!
Will you join me now?
Do you hear the call?
They can’t keep us down forever in this broken world they’ve made for you”

Download your FREE copy today, and blast the HELL out of it!

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