#FreebieFriday 1/29/16

Today’s #FridayFreebie is 2011’s hit single “My Dying Life”.
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This was the first song I wrote after 2 years of not having picked up my guitar.  In 2009, I had emergency surgery to repair my mitral valve (a valve in your heart that has three flaps; 2 of the flaps had broken off).  In late 2010, I realized that I was depressed, and it was possible that it had to do with me not picking up a guitar or making any sort of music for almost 2 years.

At the same time, I heard a report on the radio about this thing the RPM Challenge – write, record, produce a full album in the shortest month of the year.  Doing a search online, I found that there were a couple of these going on during February – RPM and FAWM.  I signed up and started making music.

Because of the surgery, my right arm was not as fast as it used to be, so a lot of the songs on The Taker album are slow and drudgey, which caused me to focus on melodies and learning how to record on my own.

“My Dying Life” features the amazing vocal talents of Jacinda Espinosa (currently studying opera).  And the lyrics are really me talking to myself trying to drag me out of my depression.

“I am the disgusted piece of dirt on the floor
that won’t let you fall”


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