FAWM Update Halfway Point

We’re about halfway through February, the halfway point of FAWM (February Album Writing Month).

Most years, I starve myself of songwriting for a few months before February, and this year was no different.  This tends to cause a flurry of completed songs in the first week.  I wrote 6 songs this year.  The first was an amazing piece that I consider to be the best song I’ve ever written, tentatively titled “Rising Dawn”.

But, what also happens every year, is that after the flurry of songwriting, I hit a wall.  No matter what I write, it sounds boring or repetitive to me.  That’s when I try a different approach.

I tend to start songs by picking a drum beat I like, and then riffing on top of that.  The next approach is to start a song with bass or synth.  This next clip is the song that broke the wall, tentatively titled “Thoughts And Prayers” –

There are still 17 days left in February, so, we shall see what other music rears its ugly head!

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