The Raygun Girls

The Raygun Girls is a NY Hard Rock group that has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Stabbing Westward, Rammstein, 69 Eyes, Evanesence and Killing Joke.

Our album, Dirt Collector, recorded at SMT Studios in Manhattan with Brian Herman co-producing, is finished, and should be up on Itunes by May, and in stores by June of 2009.

The single, “Paranoia”, is already making the rounds on internet stations and terrestrial stations, and is also available on Itunes.



The Raygun Girls is a NY Hard Rock group that has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Killing Joke and Static X. The music is as much influenced by The Ramones as by Nine Inch Nails; as much by Siouxsie and the Banshees as by Pantera

The band was created in 2001 as a studio only group, to have dueling vocals, male and female over a bed of crunching guitars and danceable, but aggressive beats. After honing their skills, The Raygun Girls recorded “Mars Eclipsing” in 2003 and released it in 2004, with a female vocalist mainly doing backup vocals. The feedback was so great, that the music had to be taken to the stage. A live band was formed, with George on bass and Geoff on guitar and vocals.

As the live band began to write new music, an emphasis was placed on the female vocalist being the front-person of the band.

In 2005, a lead guitarist was added to the group, which helped the band sound to grow from Gothic/Industrial to Hard Rock with Gothic undertones. A new album was recorded in late 2005 and released in February of 2006 with production help from Clay People members, John Delehanty and Dan Neet. “The Ones I Denied” was a collection of 9 songs (and one remix) that was put together to gain the attention of radio and record labels.

In October, 2006, upon the strength of songs like “Sleep” and “Can’t Die Now”, The Raygun Girls was invited to play the Rock Solid Pressure A&R Showcase in Florida. The Raygun Girls put together a tour and headed down South. With only a 10 minute set, The Raygun Girls were offered deals by record labels that were in attendance.

The Raygun Girls then returned to New York to begin contract negotiations. As 2006 came to a close, singer Cila was invited to join The Raygun Girls, bringing fresh blood, excitement and energy to a band about to explode.

killzone.jpg In 2007 The Raygun Girls signed with KillZone Records, recorded and released their EP, “Fire Inside”. The single “Look at Me” was #1 for 4 weeks straight on the Cashbox Magazine Independent Metal Charts, as reported by the Independent Artist Company, and spent at least 35 weeks in the Top 10. “Look at Me” is also KillZone Records’ most downloaded song.

After the departure of their lead guitarist, The Raygun Girls regrouped with new material and a new drummer, and recorded their full-length album Dirt Collector, due out in the Winter of 2008.

This is the year of The ‘Girls.


9/08 – Record video for first singles off of “Dirt Collector”
9/08 – New drummer, Doc MacNab, joins the band
4/08 – Begin recording full length album “Dirt Collector” @ SMT Studios
11/07 – The single “Look At Me” is #1 on the Cashbox Magazine’s Independent Metal Charts for 4 weeks.
8/07 – Have EP Release Party @ Arlene’s Grocery, NY, filled to capacity
8/07 – Play the VEN Vampire Ball in Canada
6/07 – Record Fire Inside EP @ SMT Studios
5/07 – Sign contract with KillZone Records
3/07 – Invited to play the Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Showcase for Canadian Music Week

1/07 – New vocalist, Cila, joins the band
10/06 – East Coast mini-tour, with Showcase performance
9/06 – M.E.A.N.Y. Fest
9/06 – Bodog Battle of the Bands participant
4/06 – Amped @ Show, Times Square, NY, performance
3/06 – Win Rock Solid Pressure contest for spot in A&R Showcase
2/06 – CD Release Party @ CBGB’s for “The Ones I Denied”. Filled to capacity.
11/06 – Record “The Ones I Denied” with members of The Clay People producing
5/05 – Metal Goddess Festival
4/05 – NYC Goth Rock Festival
3/05 – Performer at The NY Auto Show @ The Jacob Javitz Center, NY
3/05 – Hard Rock Café, MA, performance
1/05 – Jagermeister Buzz Band Search 2nd Round Participant
12/04 – Jagermeister Buzz Band Search Participant
7/04 – Budweiser True Music Concert Series Participant
2/04 – First live show, debut of “Mars Eclipsing”


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