Dirt Collector


“Each of these tracks are great in their own rights and also help to identify Dirt Collector as a great Hard rock/Goth rock album.” – Adam D., The Rock in Review

Dirt Collector was our first full length album released through KillZone Records,  it is currently released through our own label РSavage Vibes.

The first single, “Paranoia”, was released in January of 2009 along with a video. ¬†Also contains the hit singles “Learning to Die” and “Ones I Denied”

This recording features the following:

  • Cila: vocals
  • Geoff: guitar, backing vocal, drum programming, synths
  • George: bass, backing vocal
  • Brian Herman/JR: Drums

Produced by: Brian Herman and Geoff Saavedra

Recorded at SMT Studios, NYC

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