Designated Killer

“Designated Killer” off of our 2011 album The Taker.

During the RPM 2011 Challenge, Geoff wrote the music for “Designated Killer” but could not come up with any suitable lyrics.  He went to former Raygun Girls bassist, and life-long friend, George, for help.

George has provided lyrics for Raygun Girls classics, like “I’m Cursed”, “Learning to Die” and more, so Geoff knew he could deliver, and that the lyrics would be unlike anything Geoff could come up with.

George came up with these lyrics about a hit man.  Geoff went through them, and arranged them to fit the music.

“I didn’t like the song at first, but it has really grown on me,” says Geoff.  “I love the bass riff.  I just worry because the drum loop I used is very noisey with crackling, and I feel that people might think that that’s a production issue, but that’s how it’s supposed to sound.”

Lyrics: George Tsolekas

It’s the darkness that hurts the most
Maybe because I’m lost
Asleep on piles of leaves
The raspy voice of night
I’ve lost my need to fight

*I’m a designated killer
Knifer of my own dreams
Stabbing at my wounds
Bleeding on my knees
I’m a designated killer

Snow covers me like a quilt
Boxes of my shame sewn together
The fear I’ve always felt
But one day I’ll struggle and be alive
Away from my deathly straps Breathing more than just lost fire
And using my last breath


Afraid to look on into the black-blue sky
I’m waiting for myself to die

It’s the darkness that hurts the most



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