Can’t Die Now

“Can’t Die Now” off of our 2006 album The Ones I Denied.

“Can’t Die Now” was the first single off of The Ones I Denied.

The main guitar riff and piano part were written after hearing a Linkin Park song that was popular at the time, also with a piano riff in it.

“The lyrics were written out of frustration with dealing with life,” says Geoff.  “At that time things were really looking bad for the band, things were falling apart, and I didn’t have the strength to hold it together.”

After playing “Can’t Die Now” for many shows, the band retired it and it hasn’t been played live for at least 4 years.

Lyrics: Geoff Saavedra
Music: Geoff Saavedra

Freeze this moment
Cause I’m dreamin
And I’m queen of the world
Can you believe it
I’m losing my mind
I’m losin time
Gotta get it done
Cause I’m closer to dyin’

*I’m at the edge
Got nowhere to go
If something’s gonna happen
Gotta pick me up now
I’m at the edge
Got one chance
Gotta pick me up
I can’t die now

I’ve got a dream
I’ve got no choice
It keeps me alive
It gives me my voice
I’ve seen the dead walking closer to me
My grave’s waiting to take it all from me


Just lookin’ for the finish line
I’m beggin’ please
It’s hard to see the sun
When you’re burning
I’m beggin please

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