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Geoff 2007The Raygun Girls is a one man Hard Rock band for the Apocalypse.

Geoff has been the sole member since 2009, after the release of Dirt Collector and after going through emergency heart surgery (his third), due to Marfan Syndrome. “I thought it was the end of the band, because I couldn’t play on stage anymore,” says Geoff.

But after a year of recuperating, Geoff discovered FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and prepared to participate in 2011. The music began to flow and Geoff decided to keep releasing more music under the name of The Raygun Girls. “I love the idea behind the name,” says Geoff. “It’s Industrial, it’s rocking, it’s Punk.”

Logo for PNG 2013
2014 The Raygun Girls Logo

Geoff began the group in 2004 with his friend Jamie, and they released Mars Eclipsing. Soon more members joined, and female singers came and went. Through the connections made in FAWM, Geoff has been able to create music with varied vocal talents – the operatic and clean vocal of Jacinda Espinosa, the Gothic sultriness of Kindel and the deep and powerful palliDust.

The music keeps getting heavier, and the songs keep getting tighter. The Raygun Girls are forever.

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