GeoffThe Raygun Girls is Hard Rock for the Apocalypse, crossing genres with Metal, Goth and Industrial music. The sound has been compared to Rob Zombie, Killing Joke, Anthrax, and Static-X.Starting in 2004 with Geoff on lead vocals, the group has circled through many members, with Geoff taking a back seat to concentrate on guitar, and letting female vocalists take the lead. 6 years saw the release of 3 full length albums, a record deal and an East Coast tour. Due to family responsibilities and health issues, it seemed like The Raygun Girls had seen their last day during a performance with Pale Horse in July of 2010.

2011 brought Geoff back to the forefront with guest female vocalists supporting and the full length release, The Taker.

After 4 full length albums over 10 years, the group came back to its guitar driven, groove laden roots with the album “The Taker”. Geoff remains the pounding heartbeat of the band writing the music and playing all of the instruments, with guest vocals on some songs from Jacinda Espinosa and Girl Named Sam.

The Taker was only a warmup, as the beginning of 2013 saw the release of the 5th Raygun Girls album, and the best album of all. The self-titled 2013 album is an ode to the Apocalypse, and a call to Revolution. With help from Peter Watkinson of Death Metal band Abomnium doing lead guitar on two songs, and some original photography work from Oliver Wasow, as well as lyrics from Paul F Ferguson and Jacinda Espinosa, The Raygun Girls is a collection of 11 songs that will keep you wanting more!

The Raygun Girls Front Cover

The Raygun Girls (2013)

The Taker cover

The Taker (2011)

Dirt Collector cover

Dirt Collector (2009)

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