All I Want

“All I Want” off of our 2006 album The Ones I Denied.

“All I Want” is one of the only ballads The Raygun Girls has.  However, even the band still rocks out in this song as well. “All I Want” builds slowly to it’s moshing climax.

“I love playing this song because of the build up,” says Geoff.

Originally written by Geoff from the point of view of a male, Geoff saw the potential for a duet once Maya joined the band.  “The chorus and the second verse opened themselves up easily to having two vocalists singing.”

“When we recorded the vocals for the song, my voice couldn’t go as high as Maya’s at the end of the song,” says Geoff, “so, we had George do the backing there.”

“Even when listening to the backing tracks (synth, drums, samples) on their own, it’s quite a beautiful piece.”

Lyrics: Geoff Saavedra
Music: Geoff Saavedra

Let me whisper in your ear
So come on over here
Move that body
Come a little closer
Wet your lips
So come a little closer

I wanna feel the rhythm in your hips
Taste your tongue on my lips
See the pleasure in your eyes
Feel the warmth in your thighs

*This is all I want
I want just this
I want to fly in your sky
This is all I want
I want just this
I want to live in your arms tonight
But I can’t find my way out
Shine the light on my darkened heart
And I can’t claw my way out

My fire’s died
Your heart is blind
I cannot see the one I denied
Touch my eyes
Touch my sight
I cannot feel your heart inside
Bear my soul
I cannot control
I cannot see the love inside




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