“Accelerate” off of our 2009 album Dirt Collector.

“Accelerate” was originally written and recorded for the 2004 release Mars Eclipsing.

“After playing the song for 4 years, it started to get heavier and heavier than how it was recorded,” says Geoff about the song.  “I wanted to record it how we had been playing it at shows and make it crunchier.”


Lyrics: Geoff Saavedra

Music: Geoff Saavedra and Jamie LendinoSugar’s in the blood stream
Sugar’s got me terminated
Hearing voices round the corner of man

To serve me
To serve me
To serve me
To serve me

*Through heat
Tough heart I am perpetuated
Kept clean cannot decelerate it
I am the motor
You are the gas
Put your foot down on it
And just accelerate it


Leather boots on my face
Whip it into shape
Tame the madness in the speed
Cage the demon Free the seed
Play the game and fuck the breed

That serves me
That serves me



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