2016 US Election Hangover

Unfortunately, I saw it coming.  So, I went to sleep at 9:30.

Now, I’m sure that not all Raygun Girls fans have the same political beliefs, so, I’ll keep it short.

I’m definitely sad today.  To put it in perspective – I was a upset when Bush won his second term, but not sad.  And, I’m sad because enough people in this country found this person who has repeatedly demeaned women, the disabled, muslims and hispanics, to be worthy of the title of President of the US.

I’m sad because we have a bully leading the country.

But, he is our president.  And, because I would want people to follow my president had she been elected, and, also, because I AM a citizen of this country, I can only hope that he does a good job and surprises us.  I don’t want him to fail because that would be bad for us.

And, as a musician, I can express myself in song.

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