2011 Update

While on hiatus, we’ve been putting together some remixes… well, Geoff has been doing them under the Raygun Girls name.  So, check out the Raygun Girls Profile on the Nine Inch Nails Remix website – http://remix.nin.com/member/raygungirls

Cila, in the meantime has become a mommy!  So, congrats to Cila and her new family!

The Raygun Girls, in a new incarnation will be participating in the RPM Challenge in February- musicians are challenged to write a full album during the month of February – 30 minutes or 10 songs.  So, we’ll see what happens at the end of February!  Maybe some new material for your enjoyment.

Also, because The Raygun Girls is entering a new phase in life, we’re looking at a face lift on the website, to make the Remixing work a little more prominent, and cause we’ve had this design for almost 2 years… time for a change!

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