The Raygun Girls


"To help you envision the rise of a nation to fight the battles with ourselves, our past, politicians, the rich, the beings from another world. A must have!!"

The Taker (Remixed/Remastered)

Release Date: 2013 Originally Released: 2011

Dirt Collector


"Each of these tracks are great in their own rights and also help to identify Dirt Collector as a great Hard rock/Goth rock album." - Adam D., The Rock in Review

The Ones I Denied


"stunning harmonies combined with great songwriting and an almost avant-garde sensibility making it a very enjoyable disc to listen to." -

Limited Edition”Burning Love” T-Shirt

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The Raygun Girls Lyrics

Lyrics for songs from the album The Raygun Girls.

New Song – Time Keeps

Actually, I went and released two songs at about the same time. This past Saturday, Charli XCX was on Saturday Night Live and she performed her hit "Break the Rules", so it was a perfect time to release the cover that I put together with palliDust on vocals.